• Personal, informal and committed

    Personal approach and genuine interest in your business

    We like to visit you at your office or the premises were you work. That way we get a better idea of what you do to make a living. This is also important for any tax issues and related matters. We work with you and share our result driven ideas with respect to your challenges and opportunities.

    We are entrepreneurs as well and know the tricks of the trade.

    Informal and committed

    We have an informal atmosphere at Amolé. We understand that conversations might be difficult at times, we take the time for you so we fully understand you. We like sharing a drink with you (either with or without alcohol), to celebrate your successes as well.

    We keep an eye for you, so you know where things stand and how the future will look like.


  • Quick answers, even outside office hours

    We are also available during weekends. By phone, WhatsApp or We Chat. Efficient and effective. Sometimes all you need is five minutes with someone as a sounding board, for peace of mind or to be able to reach a decision. We understand that these conversations are often needed outside the regular office hours.

    Emails are answered within 48 hours. If we think that it might take us longer then we will let you know.

    The phone is answered by someone who will know you and your company. At Amolé you are a person, not a number.

  • Efficient and automated

    Automation provides speed. We automate as much as we can.

    • You can bill using our software package.
    • You can send purchase invoices to our email box, from where they will be processed.
    • Individual receipts or invoices received by old fashion mail can be photographed and uploaded with one click.
    • We import bank data into the financial software.
    • The cash register app is connected to the financial software. We set up the software, so it will cost you a minimum effort to work with.

    It’s as simple as that. Let us take care of your bookkeeping.

    We make sure you get a clear overview of your results and keep an eye on things as a financial director would.

    Everything is cloud based and internet connected

    We work with: Exact online, The next software, Unit 4, Panthera.

  • Quality and knowledge are excellent


    We are member of the NOAB (the Dutch Association of Accounting and Tax Experts) and the RB (Register of Tax Advisors) because we think it is important to ensure a high level of quality for our know how and services. Amolé is regularly audited by these organisations.

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    The owners of Amolé are Kees Tuip (tax lawyer) and Mariëtte Bos (business administrator and tax advisor). They have a lot of experience and expertise in taxation and accounting practices. Occasionally we get questions outside our area of expertise, in these situations we reach out to our extensive specialist networks. In doing so we can provide our clients with the best possible services.

    Kees and Mariëtte have gained experience at (among others):

  • Clear and transparent pricing

    We work with fixed fees for our regular services. Depending on your type of company and activities, these include:

    • Financial administration;
    • VAT returns;
    • Payroll administration;
    • Annual accounts;
    • Income tax returns;
    • Corporate income tax returns;
    • Periodical results overviews;
    • Signalling important changes for businesses and entrepreneurs.
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    Amolé is as of January 1, 2018  a certified RB-Office.




Contact details

Amolé B.V.
Binderij 7 K
1185 ZH Amstelveen
The Netherlands

T +31 20-737 18 68
M +31 6-466 211 45 (Kees)
M +31 6-464 220 91 (Mariëtte)

Chamber of Commerce: 54329183
VAT: NL 8512.61.279.B01

News & Publications

Update Law DBA (Deregulation law review labor relations)

The ‘Deregulation Law review Labor relations’ is effective as of May 1st 2016. This means that as of May 1st 2016 ‘Declaration of labor relations’ (VAR) has expired. However, the Dutch tax authorities did state that the new law will not be enforced until January 1, 2018 unless the prior law was already not applicable to the situation between the contract partners.

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Nederlandse Orde van Administratie- en Belastingdeskundigen


Register belasting adviseurs

 Amolé is as of January 1, 2018  a certified RB-Office.

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