We are your sparring partner in the realm of entrepreneurship!

Because the administration is done on a monthly basis we can keep you informed on the status of your financial situation. Reports including the present status and future perspective allow us to give you solid managerial advice.

Cash is king. Without money there is no enterprise and therefore it is vital to look at investments from multiple perspectives. We will gladly share our thoughts with you.

Credit management is an important part of an enterprise if you are working invoice-based. Accounts receivable can get high at times. A consistent credit management provides stable income.

Business succession, company mergers, implementing tax advice, building staff, margins, business plan etc.

Within Amolé there is a lot of knowledge available and if we can help evolve your business, we love to do so!


To guarantee the quality of our work, we are a member of the Nederlandse Orde van Administratie- en Belastingdeskundigen (NOAB) and the Register Belastingadviseurs (RB). Several banks consider it a plus when a business plan has been evaluated by a NOAB office.


We do not invoice you when you call us with questions. For our services we charge a fixed price, which we discuss with you in advance.

When a third party is consulted these costs will be (after consultation with you) charged to you, without incrementation. We like to work transparently.


We do not work with bound documents, only digital. This is preferable for the environment and the costs saved benefit you as it means you get more of our time.



Contact details

Amolé B.V.
Binderij 7 K
1185 ZH Amstelveen
The Netherlands

T +31 20-737 18 68
M +31 6-466 211 45 (Kees)
M +31 6-464 220 91 (Mariëtte)

Chamber of Commerce: 54329183
VAT: NL 8512.61.279.B01

News & Publications

Update Law DBA (Deregulation law review labor relations)

The ‘Deregulation Law review Labor relations’ is effective as of May 1st 2016. This means that as of May 1st 2016 ‘Declaration of labor relations’ (VAR) has expired. However, the Dutch tax authorities did state that the new law will not be enforced until January 1, 2018 unless the prior law was already not applicable to the situation between the contract partners.

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Nederlandse Orde van Administratie- en Belastingdeskundigen


Register belasting adviseurs

 Amolé is as of January 1, 2018  a certified RB-Office.

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