We work with fixed fees for our regular services. Depending on your type of company and activities, these include:

  • Financial administration;
  • VAT returns;
  • Payroll administration;
  • Annual accounts;
  • Income tax returns;
  • Corporate income tax returns;
  • Periodical results overviews;
  • Signalling important changes for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our services are divided into two packages: Standard and premium.



Small sole proprietorship business without staff (less than 50 sales and purchase invoices per year) including preparing and filing of the income tax return € 600 excl VAT per year;

Sole proprietorship business or VOF without staff between € 600 and € 2.000 excl VAT per year;

Sole proprietorship business or VOF with staff between € 750 and € 2.500 excl VAT per year;

Holding company (BV) with one subsidiary € 425 excl VAT per year;

Holding company (BV) with director/majority shareholder (DGA) and management invoices. We take care of the management fee invoices through the year and make sure the ‘flow of paper’ keeps going. Between € 700 and € 1.500 excl VAT per year;

Trading private limited liability company (BV), depending on the number of invoices, banking operations and complexity between € 1.500 and € 6.000 excl VAT per year;

In the standard package all regular services are included. You are completely taken care of with respect to the administrative and tax requirements.




In this package we check your electronic tax assessments, we check the tax positions, signal important issues and create the time to discuss these. We actively work with you and provide ideas regarding the future issues we see coming up, using prognoses of results and cash flow. We are regularly in touch and function as your personal sparring partner and external controller.

Depending on the size of your business and your wishes the fee will be between € 500 and € 5.000 excl VAT extra per year.



Services tailored to you needs

Everything we do is determined by our customers' needs. Come by for an informal conversation to discuss what we can do for you.






Contact details

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