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[Note: the responses are translated from Dutch]


I've only been with Amolé for a few months, but it feels like longer. It feels familiar, they are professional and I feel I have the right partner for my company when it comes to fiscal matters.

Jerrel van Eer, CRMSolver BV


I came into contact with Mariette and Kees last year after my business administrators at the time weren't able to provide clarification about applicable rules and regulations. After a very open, clear and informal first conversation I switched to Amolé. Kees and Mariette are very knowledgeable, and in situations where they aren't completely sure they seek advice; very professional. You notice that Amolé is their own company… have a real heart for the customer and contribute their own ideas.

The main advantages of Amolé are, in my opinion:

  • Fixed fee price agreements, which make them easy to understand and what to expect in terms of costs
  • Readily available to answer questions and an informal atmosphere

Had I heard of Amolé sooner, I would have given them my business from the start.

Marielle Outshoorn, VIP Tours Holland


During turbulent economic times we have come to know the company of Mariëtte and Kees as very thorough and diligent in keeping a finger on the pulse of our business.

We were having a difficult time due to the economic crisis and through a number of changes in business administrators we had somewhat lost the overview and responsibilities were not always clear. They had everything up and running in no time, provided good advice, and made sure that the mistakes that were made by our previous accountant/business administrator could be reversed in part. Our payroll administration has also been taken over, making everything run much smoother and giving us a clear overview.  Mariëtte also reviews our administration on a 3-monthly basis, so that there is a good check on our financial accounting. In the past we have been serviced by a large company, where you are no more than a number. The advantages of working with a smaller organisation with short lines of communication are enormous.

The personal approach and clear vision is evident in their service. Mariëtte & Kees also provide ideas outside the business itself (unsolicited, but much appreciated). They think out of the box and are able to identify things that could be improved. They are also willing to work extra hours and get things done on time.

There is a genuine interest in our company and well-being, which makes the collaboration incredibly enjoyable.

Mark Valentin en Jessica Haije, management Kids & zo


After asking for advice, Amolé was recommended to me. Right from the start I felt welcome with my complex situation. My situation was thoroughly examined, and advice was given for each possibility. They were open about ambiguities and immediately provided solutions. This has ensured not only that my affairs have become less complex, but that I can continue to focus on my businesses and the leave financial adjustments to the experts. I suspect that any doubts you may have regarding the choice of a tax and administration office will evaporate after an accessible conversation with either Mariëtte or Kees.

Martijn Schirp, Schirp BV & High Existence


Through the internet, I went looking for a company knowledgeable about financial, fiscal and administrative issues, which would also provide a good service. The Amolé team scores highly on all points. Additionally, there is a good price/quality ratio for the (bespoke) work that is done. Amolé provides me with a team of experts who think along with me and devotes attention to the issues at play in my company.

Jeroen de Vogel, manager Stichting Les Aan Huys


My wife, who runs a beauty clinic form our home, and my son, who designed the Amolé logo, brought me into contact with Mariëtte. One thing led to another.

I was dissatisfied with the services of my previous bookkeeper and told Mariëtte about this. We had an instant connection, and I particularly liked that Amolé keeps their word. I decided to switch, and was very pleased with the results. Amolé shows initiative, and make sure you don’t have anything to worry about on their end. This allowed me to focus on my core business.

I feel that I can trust Kees and Mariëtte, and would definitely recommend them to others. Although… I might not want to share their attention with too many new customers. Nevertheless, I genuinely wish them all the best, as I feel very well taken care of.

Rob Manvis, manager Pavex International BV


We first came into contact with Amolé in 2013, thanks to our payroll office AK-Saldo, whith whom Amolé collaborates.

We opted for Amolé because of the completeness of their service. Amolé has become our one-stop-shop. If there is any service they might not be able to provide us themselves, they use their extensive network. The first project in which Amolé was involved, was a reorganization. They provided excellent support, and helped us device a future-proof strategy.

Amolé is straightforward in their communication, and can be easily reached. We are particularly content with how involved Amolé is, they provide advice without us having to ask for it.

We like that Amolé thinks ahead, has the required knowledge and shows initiative when it comes to providing us with knowledge and takes care of things on our behalf.

We will certainly recommend them to others.

Caroline Kramer, owner of Decon consultancy


Kees and Mariëtte visited our shop to introduce themselves. They told us this was something they did regularly as a means of finding potential clients for their business. It has the added advantage that it gives a face to their office. To me, the price was reason enough to switch accountants. My bookkeeping used to be outsourced to a large office, which kept on getting more and more expensive even though the hours of their time I required was decreasing.

Amolé provides the annual accounts, declares our taxes and takes care of our income taxes. I do my own bookkeeping. Whenever I have a question, I can give them a call, and the problem is solved.

Amolé excels at their core business, and truly believes in their services. They have a lot of knowledge, and are both decisive and amiable. Outsourcing to them reduced the strain I was under significantly, without it costing a fortune.

One thing is certain: I am never switching accountants again. I would definitely recommend Amolé.

Mieke du Crocq, owner of Meer dan Goed


I had never heard of Amolé when Femke called me, but it quickly became clear that Amolé was a good match for me. At that point, I was looking for a tax lawyer and administration office, as I started my own business in 2013. I therefore decided to go ahead with Amolé.

Time taught me that Amolé works thoroughly, accurately and quickly. It is a small, hardworking business with a lot of attention for their customers.

I would recommend and have recommended Amolé to others.

Arnaud Heijmerink, owner of De Gouden Ton


Thank you for your very thorough and clear explanation. It confirms your professional high standards. Much appreciated

Julio Tresierra, Global Coordinator at WWF NL


We are owners of a so-called small business and the financial assistance provided to us by Amolé was excellent. The correctness of their actions when it came to unravelling the complexity of our financial situation certainly earned them our respect. The service provided by Amolé was professional and based on up-to-date knowledge, in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations. We are therefore extremely satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend Amolé as a consultancy service provider for small and medium-sized businesses.

Frits Bonhof, Booij Holding BV


Our first impression of Amolé tax was that they provide personal attention, are sincere and open, have a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the business. This is what made us decide to work with Amolé. It turned out to be a good decision. Their genuine interest, professional approach and advice, as well as their personal approach make Amolé a unique firm of accountants and tax consultants. Mariëtte and Kees are reliable and committed people to whom you can safely entrust all your accounts. As far as we are concerned Amolé has become a close-knit element of our business and we would like to recommend them to any company looking for a responsible and reliable firm of accountants and tax consultants. I would like to extend my compliments to them.

N. Lam - Former owner of Oriëntaals Kantonees Restaurant, Golden City, Huizen


I have worked with Mariëtte and Kees since Amolé BV first started. They not only take care of my personal income tax return but also the annual return for my private company. My contact with them has always been very personal and yet businesslike. If there is a problem they proactively look for a solution. They provide professional quality for a very reasonable price.

Marcel Vergeer, The Hague.


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